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Restoration Process

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Original functions of the buildings

The Main House, built partly of wood and partly of stone, combined living quarters, hayloft and threshing den under one roof.

The Storehouse had four individual chambers for storing textiles, salted meat and fish, grains and flour, and tools.

The Hay Barn served exclusively as hay storage.

The Stable housed cattle and other farm animals and served also as hay storage.

The Shed was used to brew and store homemade beer.

The Root Cellar was used to store farmed crops.


When Polli Talu was purchased in 1995, all buildings were in need of restoration and the thatched roofs in need of replacement.


Planned transformation of the buildings

Restoration of the Main House to provide office space, staff bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, a dining room, and two bathrooms.

Restoration of the Storehouse to house the Guest Quarters with rooms to accommodate 1, 2, 4, and 5 beds, respectively.

Demolition of the Hay Barn to make room for the construction of a brand-new Dance Studio to be constructed with local materials and, to the extent practicable, traditional Estonian building techniques.

Restoration of the Stable to be transformed into an Art Studio providing a well-lighted open workspace, a workshop, sleeping loft, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

Restoration of the Shed to store all farming tools and curiosities found during the restoration process.

Restoration of the Root Cellar to allow storage of farmed crops.




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Restoration of Existing Buildings


Main House

Demolition of existing pantry

New addition built to house bathroom

Restorationof vestibule

New thatched roof

Insulation of roof

Insulation of exterior walls

New electrical wiring

Indoor plumbing

Sleeping loft above kitchen

Replacing clay floor with wooden floor in kitchen

Restoration of wood-burning stove and oven

New windows for kitchen

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Restoration of Existing Buildings


Main House

New well

Running water in kitchen

Bathroom and flush toilet (Polli Talu's first!)

Ecological sewage system

Replacing clay floor with wooden floor in dining room and staff bedrooms


Guest Quarters

Former storehouse receives new thatched roof

New entrances to individual chambers



New thatched roof


1 9 9 8

Restoration of Existing Buildings and New Construction


Main House

Limestone casing for chimney

Three new staff bedrooms

New windows for staff bedrooms


Dance Studio

Demolition of hay barn

New log structure built to house dance studio


8m x 12m sprung wooden dance floor

Electrical wiring for stage lighting system

New thatched roof Insulation of roof

Wooden finish applied to underside of roof

New windows, doors installed



Underground electrical wiring to service entire building complex


1 9 9 9

Restoration of Existing Buildings and New Construction


Guest Quarters

Wooden floors restored and/or replaced

10 wooden beds


Dance Studio

Floors and interior walls sanded and sealed


Art Studio

Demolition of log structure and roof of stable

Pouring of new concrete footings

Reinforcing existing stone walls

New log structure built on reinforced stonewalls


New thatched roof


2 0 0 0

Restoration of Existing Buildings and New Construction


Main House

Second bathroom

Boiler room/pantry


Dance Studio

Installation of 12-dimmer stage lighting system


Art Studio

New interior walls, lofts Insulation of roof

Wooden finish applied to underside of roof

Electrical work in workshop, studio, kitchen, and bathroom

Floor and ceiling beams installed and insulated Indoor plumbing

Stucco applied to exterior walls



2 0 0 1

Restoration of Existing Buildings and New Construction


Art Studio

Windows Wooden floors

Sanding and sealing of floors and interior walls

Interior stairs

Connecting kitchen and bathroom to water supply and sewage system

Tiling the bathroom and kitchen

Fixtures, appliances and furnishings in kitchen and bathroom

Basic furniture and lighting fixtures for studio

Painting exterior stucco wall



Cutting undergrowth in Park


2 0 0 2

New Construction


Sauna/Writer's Studio

Foundation poured

Limestone footing built

Log structure built

Rafters built



Clearing undergrowth in paths


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